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Air Rotary


Air rotary is a drilling method that uses compressed air as the drilling fluid rather than liquid drilling methods.  Air rotary drilling and sampling can be done in most soil formations and rock.  This is accomplished using a slow rotation and applied force on the drill pipe and bit while directing and maintaining air circulation through the drill pipe to the bottom of the boring.  The bore hole is typically only 4 inches in diameter which makes this methodology the least invasive form of drilling.  The air is forced down through the drill pipes and the cuttings are forced back up the the bore hole.  Unlike most other liquid drilling methods air rotary relies on the integrity of the bore hole to prevent collapse and therefore is limited to use in certain formations.  A continuous sample tube systems and standard penetrating systems are also available for use with this method.  In West Texas, this is the most common and efficient drilling methods for geotechnical explorations.

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